Do you travel for wedding & elopement work?

Yes! I am currently based in Cape Town, South Africa, and love to travel where ever my couples want me to document their story.
I've had to chance to travel all over from Germany, Zimbabwe, Mauritius and USA for weddings.

Anything outside of 1h30 from home location I require 1x Nights stay over.
Outside of the western cape area airfare will be needed,

Please do Get in touch for detailed info

Is this your full time Job/Career?

Its been a big passion & full-time career since 2011.
My love for what I do grows each year!

How many weddings have you covered?

300+ and counting

What Gear/Equipment do you use and do you have back up?

I shoot with full-frame Canon 5DMKIV + Canon EOS R and have a backup camera at every wedding.
Along with that, I have various high-quality Canon & Sigma ART prime Lenses

What is "Full Day Coverage" ?

On your wedding day I Typically start in the morning with Venue & Decor photos.
Following that I cover both Bride & groom prep and going onto standard ceremony and portraits,
ending off with late night dancing, ending off at between 22h00-23h00.

Do you work with an Assistant?

An experienced and seasoned second shooter is included with collections, to ensure all areas are covered for bigger weddings where the bride & groom prep locations are more than 2omin apart.
Should you have a very small & Intimate wedding and really only require one main photographer, please do inquire and we can work with that.

How much time do we allocate for Photos (Family, bridal party, couple etc..) ?

Family formals are done straight after ceremony and take no longer than 20min.
Bridal party group portraits 20-30min.
Couple Session photos 45min - 1hr.

My biggest suggestion and advice regarding this matter to my couples:
Where possible, try split the couple session in two parts..
1st session after bridal portraits and 2nd session right before sunset.
Ive found in doing this it maximizes time with guests after ceremony and you can guarantee a more relaxed session and will have great light by ending off your session toward sunset

Can we meet you in person and chat about some logistics of a wedding day?

That would be great. Its always great to put faces to names and more that often puts people at easy meeting your possible wedding photographer in person prior to booking.
I believe you are also booking your photographer based on their experience and knowledge of how a wedding day works, offering insight to how to make it the best day for you and to make photography on the day be the least stressful part of it all

How do We book and secure the date?

A non-refundable booking deposit of 50% with a signed wedding contract.

How long do wait to get our photos?

After the wedding, quick previews will be available on my FB business page within 48hrs.
Your private online gallery will have a selection of 200/300 images to share and view within 2-3 weeks of the wedding.
Final images will be handed over 7-8 weeks from the wedding.
Peak season weddings (Feb-may) will vary sometimes due to the high influx of work.

Can we order Albums/Books after the wedding?

Yes of course!
Payment must be done on any album order prior to design.
The selection of images for your album is all up to you as well.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Within South Africa, electronic bank transfers are the most common practice. For international clients i accept credit cards & PayPal

Do you keep backups of wedding's?

Yes! All weddings are immediately backed up to various sources for safe keeping.
Should you request images after a couple of years, I will still have them ready for you.